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Mr Kayode Badiru: He is the company's founder and chief operating officer responsible for the effective execution of Termex's business plan and for ensuring operational excellence in the delivery of services to clients around the country. He has acquired a lot of experiences in diverse commercial and international markets. A product of LSP, UK, he got his first exposure to IT after attending a seminar for business development in the UK; hence Termex Limited was born in 1997.

Mrs Olubunmi Porter Badiru: She is the managing director of Termex. She is responsible for the sale and delivery of all Termex products and services including application software, systems integration, consulting, and outsourcing solutions to the company's global vertical and commercial sectors. Mrs. Porter-Badiru graduated from the university of Buckingham, U.K in 1990 with an LLB(hons). Proceeded to Law school Lagos to obtain a B.L. Briefly, she started her career in U.K as a tutor and later joined Unisys where she got her first exposure to working within the IT industry. She continued to work within the industry untill 1997 when she co-founded Termex Ltd.

Mr Folorunsho Abiodun: He is the GM and CFO of Termex, with responsibility for all financial operations, including the offices of controller, treasurer, internal audit, investor relations, tax, corporate shareed services, corporate policies and procedures. Abiodun is a graduate of Accountancy from the Polytechnic of Ibadan. He started off his career at The Lagos airport hotel as an accounting officer. He later joined Olacco Nig Ltd as an accountant. He joined Termex in 2000 as an accountant. While in Termex he obtained a PGD in managemnet from the Lagos state university. He has over the years been able to deliver jis portfolio effectively thus rising to his current position as chief financial officer.


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